Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It'.s te first word that I get from Google Adsense when they receive me to become a Publihser. My exprience to get this is very difficult. Not in a short time. I feel that it was very long time. But every hinderence I toke aside. I disputed many doubt, I write and write every time, until I have many article in my Blog and my Website.
But it's not finish now. Google Adsense just receive me to become a Publisher. I like to get money from my blog and my Website. Explaination teach me how to get money. The main way just to make some link and Ads on my Bolg and my Website. Right now I am studying about it. I am studying how to make Ads, how to put Ads, but it's very difficult, cause I have no any teacher. I just study with my self. I just read one by one every article of some one has succesful in Adsense, but until now, I still in studying.
But althought I can not to put Ads, I have felt satisfy, cause to become a Publisher is not an easy way. I have read many story of many man in Internet. They wrote on their bolg that to become a Publisher is not an easy one. That why I feel satisfy. But it's not the end. I still try hard to be success in Adsense. Without many knowledge, without teacher. I just get from many article in Internet of somebody that like to share their exprience. Thank to everybody that make me understand in Google Adsense, even just a little. I Mr. Tanjung panyabungan

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